Wedding Venues that Match Your Personality

Choosing a wedding venue is exciting!  Columbus has so many options when it comes to where you want to host your wedding celebrations.  You have a vision for your wedding day and we want to help.  Here are some wedding venue ideas that match all types of personalities and wedding day visions!
Are You Traditional?
For a traditional wedding a hotel venue would be the perfect fit for you!  It will provide you and your guests not only a perfect evening but a place to stay after all the festivities have ended.  Hotels are also perfect for providing a next morning breakfast! A perfect choice is Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center! 

Are You Glamorous?
If you love glamorous wedding decor then think about a ballroom wedding venue.  The space will provide plenty of room for that fabolous decor and who doesn’t love a giant chandelier!  The Makoy Center is perfect Glam! 
Do You Love Food?
Then a restaurant venue is the perfect choice for you.  Allow you and your guests to unleash their inner foodie as a restaurant can provide lots of delicious food options right there on site.  A perfect venue for this personality is Hofbrauhaus Columbus! 
Do You Love the Outdoors?
Then a barn style venue will give you the rustic chic charm you are looking for.  Other venue options include campgrounds and cabins.  Anyplace that allows you and your guests to bring that outdoorsy feel into your reception.  Darby House at Darby Dan Farms cannot be beat!
Do You Love Sports?
A country club venue would allow you and your guests to celebrate while also taking in the view of the golf links, or tennis courts.  It would also be fun to get those golf cart wedding photos!  Are you an OSU fan?  Then The Faculty Club on the OSU campus is a perfect choice! 
Do You Appreciate Culture?
If you love art, music, and design then a museum or an historic estate would be a great venue for you.  A unique choice would be a library or a bookstore.  Surround you and your guests with art and history and enjoy your wedding day celebration! Did you know that COSI does weddings? 
Are You Laid Back and Casual?
A venue that fits your personality would be a backyard style wedding venue.  This choice is also great if you love DIY projects!  Enjoy backyard style games, bbq cuisine, and close family atmosphere for you and your guests.  If your house is too small, consider a Mansion like the Henry Manor with a huge back yard and historic interior (with overnight accommodations) to comfortably host your wedding!

Are You Cool and Modern?
Then an industrial style venue is the right choice for you!  There are many venues in Columbus that have that cool, downtown view, and exposed brick elegance.  You and your guests will love that amazing architectural backdrop!

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