Wedding plans affected by quarantine?

Are you one of the couples who’s wedding has, or will possibly be impacted by the quarantine?   If so, there is no doubt you have been tasked with the very unfortunate job of rescheduling your wedding for a future date.     If you are struggling to find a Saturday date that works for you and your guests, ask yourself this question.   Does it HAVE to happen on a Saturday?   I know, I know.  Most weddings happen on Saturdays and from the moment you got engaged, you always envisioned a Saturday wedding.    There are probably many ideas about your wedding that have been put in place long ago that you are forced to re-evaluate now that postponement is part of your plans.   As it turns out, there are actually many benefits to hosting a Friday or Sunday wedding.  

1.  Saving Money-  Since Saturday’s are highly requested, venues and wedding vendors can charge top dollar.  If you choose a non- traditional day, you will definitely see savings that can certainly add up!
2.  Sunday Brunch Weddings-  Who doesn’t LOVE brunch?  This is a unique way to host a joyous event while leaving the remainder of your Sunday for travel.
3.  Sunday Weddings can begin earlier, which means more photography options during natural sunlight.  The earlier time frame can also be a blessing when finding the time to mingle and visit with all of your guests.
4. Friday weddings mean long weekends with Saturday and Sunday to either travel home or recover from the celebration.
5. You will have a much larger choice of the best vendors if you book a Friday or Sunday wedding as those will be days that they will less likely already be booked.  

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