Wedding Mistakes you need to avoid!

Wedding planning mistakes


I’ve seen them. 

I hate them.

Please don’t do them. 


Let’s go….


1.) Do NOT Assume DIY decor is less expensive. 

Guess what?  It isn’t always cheaper! By the time you purchase all of the items and tools, your project may end up costing you as much as it would be to purchase used or rent.   Also, think about how much time it will take to create your own decor and  ask yourself what your time is worth. If you spend 40 hours creating something in order to save $20, is it really time well spent?   

2.) Not Hiring a Day-of Assistant/Coordinator or Planner

Although you have plenty of friends and family who have volunteered to help out on the day of your event, do you really want to spend your day checking up on them to ensure they are following through with the numerous tasks you have assigned to them?   No couple, wedding party, or family member should have to work on your wedding day!   A day-of wedding assistant is worth every cent because the last thing you want to do is worry about things getting done on your wedding day- especially by people you love and can be angry with for a long time if they are not done properly.  Hire an assistant for the day-of tasks of keeping the flow, ensuring vendor arrival, decor and most importantly, peace of mind so that you can relax and enjoy your special day to the fullest.   COLUMBUS AREA WEDDING ASSISTANTS

3.) DO NOT Skip the rehearsal

You’ve attended enough weddings and have watched enough ceremonies on tv tons of times.  This does NOT mean you know the smaller intricacies like lining up, dismissal, coordination and flow.  There will be times where you will rehearse this special moment in your mind over and over again but your wedding party has not idea what they’re expected to do.  Save everyone the stress of the unknown by scheduling a rehearsal with a seasoned officiant or wedding planner who can direct your group through the event so that everyone is on the same page and your even runs seamlessly.  

4.) Not Allowing Enough Time! 

Getting ready, family photos, receiving line:  These things take much longer than you think.  Especially when there is a group to wrangle in to stay on task.  Do yourself a favor and ask your vendors how much time certain things will take.  If you have a chance to completely get dressed (gown, jewelry, shoes and BUTTON UP YOUR DRESS) then do a practice run ahead of time so you know how long this will take.  Ask your hair and makeup vendors how long you should block off for this because although your hair and makeup may only take 30 minutes, if you have a group of people getting the same service, this can really add up extra time.  Also, after you get your dress on, it will take time to BUSTLE it.  Whomever is going to do this should get a practice run to figure out how to do this because it is a little trickier than you might imagine.  Bottom line, allow realistic time to get things done.   It won’t hurt to speak to your wedding planner (if you have one) or to hire one for timeline help at the minimum.  

5.) You need to set boundaries.

This. Is. Your. Day.   Although it is a special day for your parents, grandparents, etc, you will have to draw the line at some things.  Yes, if your parents or In-laws are paying for portions of the wedding then yes, they have a say.   However,  keep in mind that this is your wedding and it’s ok to go against things that simply won’t make you happy.   Stay in control of the planning and decisions. Be flexible, but firm if something is very important to you.  

6.) Losing weight

I’m not saying it can’t be done.  But oftentimes this is one of those things you promise yourself and purchase a wedding gown a few sizes too small in hopes of losing a few points before the big day.  This rarely goes as planned and only brings you stress and extra money when it comes time for alterations.  Guess what?  You’re beautiful the way you are RIGHT NOW!  If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle before your wedding, then more power to you.  But do not assume this is something you HAVE to do before your wedding.   You already have enough on your plate (no pun intended) with the planning of your wedding so don’t add more to your stress by trying to drop some lbs during your planning process.  

7.) Not Saving enough money 

Not every couple has the benefit of having their wedding completely paid for by someone else.  Most couples pay for their own weddings with the help of family members.   We are all victims of getting sucked in to the wedding magazines most ornate and lavish and Pinterest dream weddings but unfortunately we don’t all have the budget for these things.   It is very important you set a budget at the very start so you know exactly how much you can spend on your wedding.  If this is simply not enough money for what you want then  you really have 3 choices.    #1 cut your ideas and champagne dreams to something a little more fitting for what you have to work with.   #2 Work harder (extra job) to come up with the extra money to afford this.   #3 postpone your wedding so that you have more time to save.  

8.) Not hiring a DJ

“I have a cousin who’s going to play an iPod”.  I’ve heard it.  I’ve seen it.  I HATE IT.   Your wedding DJ is a lot more than someone who plays music.  He or she has the correct equipment for your event.  He/She is also your master of ceremonies.  Your DJ is going to move your timeline along and is usually who your catering staff, videographer and photographers rely on to announce dinner, photo worthy events (first dance, cake cutting, etc) and close out the night.   Without a professional DJ, you risk a lot of awkward silences, someone who may not be able to “read” the crowd and adjust accordingly, and chaos and uncertainty from your guests and staff.  

9.) Cooking your own food

If you’re like me you have a bunch of Aunts ready and willing to jump in to help out on your wedding day.  “What can I bring?”  Don’t do it.  Let aunt Tammy bring her famous deviled eggs to the bridal shower instead.  Please for the love of god, hire a reputable and licensed caterer.  Not only will they prepare delicious food for your guests, they will serve it safely, warm, with the correct utensils and clean up the mess.   Go back to number #2 when I said “no bride or family member should have to work on the wedding day”.  

10.) Getting Super-Drunk

Yes, this is a day for celebration.   Yes, you will probably kick back some champagne or mimosas while getting ready.   Keep it steady.   The sugar is likely to go to your head and the last thing you want to do is walk down the aisle with a headache, or worse yet, drunk.  This is your wedding day and you’ve spent so much time and money planning it.  It’s going to go by quickly and if you’re too drunk to enjoy the details and remember it, then you’ve just undone all of the work you’ve put into this.   Enjoy the day, and sample your signature drinks but don’t overdo it.   There’s nothing more depressing than a sloppy bride and I guarantee the photos will haunt you for years.  


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