Wedding Disaster- and what was learned

Every couple dreams about their perfect wedding. Many months of planning go into such a special day, so the last thing anyone expects is for something to go wrong. Unfortunately, there is almost always something that goes awry on a wedding day. Luckily with proper training the amount of, or degree to which a mishap can be fixed or erased will be minimal. Wedding horror stories can be fun to talk about later, but while they are happening it is a nightmare. Professionals use these unfortunate events as a learning tool so as not to encounter them again.

One such wedding horror story happened to a wedding planner friend of mine, Erin with Fantastic Event Direction, when the DJ didn’t show up. Luckily for the couple, she took on the trauma and worked through the horror so that her couple was non the wiser.

On a gorgeous summer day a couple of years ago, Erin was involved with assisting a couple at the beautiful Hoover YMCA Park for their wedding. Hoover Park is a DYI venue. Everything was going perfectly, it was a lovely day with fantastic weather.

As the time drew closer to the event, one important element was not yet in place; the music. The budget DJ that the couple had hired had not yet arrived. After calling the DJ to find out if he was almost there, Erin found out that the DJ accidentally entered “Hoover Dam” in to his GPS, instead of Hoover Park. For anyone in the Columbus area might know that both of these locations, are on complete opposite ends of town. With only an hour left until ceremony time, Erin told the DJ that she would set up a table and power cords to do as much as possible, so that once he arrived his set-up would be easier. As the minutes ticked by, it was evident that the DJ was not going to arrive on time. Erin then received a call from the DJ saying that he was pulled over for speeding in a construction zone and that his car was being towed for the egregious offense.

At this point, Erin knew that she was responsible for saving the day and had to quickly jump into action to ensure the bridal party would have their music to accompany them down the aisle. Luckily, Erin has a community of DJ friends on speed dial to call for help. Unfortunately, all of them were either already working other events, or wouldn’t be able to arrive in time. After making several other calls, Erin thought about her options and decided she could accomplish the task with a blue tooth speaker and a music streaming service, but only if she downloaded the premium version so as not to have a commercial suddenly play as the bride is walking down the aisle, because that would be horrible. Unable to leave the venue she called her neighbor and gave him the access codes to get into her house so that he could bring her a personal Blue-Tooth speaker. Because of proper planning Erin already had the play list and was able to quickly download the music she needed. Luckily her neighbor was very familiar with technology, set everything up and stayed to help play the requested music. This couple made the smart decision to hire an event planner to coordinate their big day. Without Erin they would have had to scramble and solve the problem of the missing DJ on their own. What a bigger nightmare that would have been.

Learning takeaways:
Hire a wedding coordinator to ensure vendors are set up and in place for your perfect day.

Check with your DJ (and all of your vendors) to find out if they have a backup in the event of an emergency.

Erin has since included a Blue Tooth Speaker in her 911 emergency kit for all weddings going forward.

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