Should you cancel your Columbus wedding due to Coronavirus?

Should I cancel my wedding?    I asked myself this same question in 2001, right after the September 11th attacks.  My wedding was scheduled for September 17th, only 6 days after the attack. 100% of our guests were traveling from out of town, as we were hosting a destination wedding in Walt Disney World for a long awaited, meticulously planned event.    Because so many closings and cancellations followed these attacks, we were faced with untimely uncertainty which led me and my fiancé to deliberate cancellation.  

With the 2020 wedding season very quickly approaching, couples and planners are fiercely coming together to brainstorm preventative solutions to bring loved ones together, despite thehysteria that the coronavirus is causing. 

According to Johns Hopkins University, this virus has contributed to more than 4,300 deaths.  The coronavirus grew from just a few cases in China, to a pandemic with 4 cases in Ohio in what seems like less than three months.  With new developments in the spread of this virus every day, it can be difficult and overwhelming to keep track of what is happening.  

Just because the coronavirus is here, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your wedding.  It just takes a little extra special planning.  

First and foremost, it’s crucial that you come to accept that the rising travel bans may very well keep friends and family apart.  Consider live streaming your ceremony for the out of town guests who cannot attend.

Check in with your contracts and Columbus wedding vendors to find out what options you have for cancellation or postponement.  *Note: Wedding gowns, floral, and decor items that will be shipped to Columbus may be delayed so check with your gown, florist and decor companies!   It is also good to check with your wedding vendors about what precautions they will be taking to help keep your guests safe.  

And finally, keep this in perspective!   You are healthy. You are strong. You get to marry the love of your life, and compared to the hundreds of thousands with this virus, you’re doing pretty darn good. 

That’s the advice I gave myself in September of 2001, when I went forward with my Walt Disneyworld wedding.  And although not all of my guests were able to attend, my wedding was still magical and wonderful, just as yours will be.  


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