Please host a Bridgerton themed wedding (And invite me!)

Along with most Netflix subscribers during this pandemic, I took the plunge at the urging of multiple friends and started watching the Bridgerton series.  I will admit that I’ve only yet completed 2 episodes but it didn’t take long for me to fall deeply in love with the scenery, decor and clothing that the series provides.  It was instantly confirmed in just episode 1 at the opening ball scene that I, like many others, got swept away at the elaborately designed set into a fantasy world I wished to attend.
Being in the wedding industry and part of so many weddings over the years, I took my discerning eye and took mental notes on the details of this series (in particular the balls) that made these events so grandiose and over the top.  I’m of the opinion of “Go big or go home” and with a Bridgeton-style event, you have no choice but to indulge in the elaborate.
The most obvious thing you’ll notice about this series and the decor at the balls is the abundance of florals.   Flowers everywhere.  The front yard with full and luscious trees, the foyers, the gifts from suitors and of course huge floral pieces displayed at the parties.  The notable floral arrangements at the parties are both grand and breathtaking, I immediately started estimating the cost in my head of what each design would cost in today.   I can safely say, that if you’re considering a Bridgerton themed wedding, you should definitely set aside a bulk of your budget on floral and lighting.
The series takes place at a time when electricity wasn’t yet abundantly running through homes, so the parties are full of candles and romantic lighting.    Even the chandeliers (which are a staple in all of these grand homes) have candles lighting them.  Candles create a soft and romantic mood and can also create manipulate the scent of the event to your liking.   There are many places that offer the opportunity to create your own scent and pour your own candles (The Candle Lab).  If you are interested in candles at your event, keep in mind that most venue’s will not allow open flamed candles without a hurricane or safety cover.   If you really like the look without the hurricanes, I’ve seen many (faux flame) battery operated candles that can create a wonderful ambience.
Your Bridgerton themed wedding will need a venue to compliment the era and the very first venue’s that came to mind when watching this series was the Granville Inn, the Westin Columbus downtown and the ballroom at Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center.  I think that most any ballroom (stand alone or hotel) would be wonderful options to host such an event.
Along with the floral, decor and venue, the guests and their clothing, style and accessories also play a huge part in the visual loveliness this series provides.   I’ve noticed that the gowns worn by most of the women are either wearing pastel, ivory or champagne colored gowns (with the exception of the bold and colorful Featherington sisters).   Each gown is adorned with detail and charms, which makes me immediately wonder how much these dresses weigh.  In addition to these ornate gowns, the women are adorned with sparkly jewels and ornamented tiara’s.  The sparkles on the jewels and tiaras rival the sparkle on the chandeliers at each party.  Another accessory I’ve noticed at the balls are good old fashioned handheld fans.   (Side note, one of my favorite party favors at summer weddings are wedding programs designed onto functional handheld fans to keep guests cool).
Another thing I’ve noticed in many guests hands is a classic champagne flute.  This is both refreshing and also serves as a lovely accessory for this show.  I will say that the fatty in me quickly took notice that aside from bowls of fruit, there was no food at the parties.  I have been keeping my eye out for a snack- but then again I’m only starting on episode 3.  This is probably because nobody wants to eat due to how tightly they are squeezed into the corsets.
Some of the smaller (but notable) details of the parties include a hand painted design/family crest.  This could be easily and affordably displayed at your event using a trick of lighting (gobo) projected on the wall or dance floor.  I know this could be expensive, but the hand delivered invitations were a very nice touch.  Finally, I wanted to make mention of the string quartet greeting the guests as they arrived to the parties.  I loved how The Bridgerton soundtrack is filled with classical covers of modern hits.  I noticed “Girls like you” by Maroon 5 being played at the first ball in episode 1.
What details did you love?  I know that being so early on into the series I have more to run into, but I am already so dazzled, I had to share my favorites thus far!

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