Over the years, Late night snacks at weddings have become increasingly popular and over the years of working weddings I have had the opportunity to see (and sample) some really great snacks!    I’ve seen everything from pizza  to burgers and fries delivered from the couple’s favorite local restaurants. 

If you’re struggling to decide on if (or what) to serve for your late night snack, keep a few things in mind:
1.  Make sure you check to ensure that your venue allow outside catering (in case you want to order food from a local restaurant).
2.  You won’t have to feed every guest because by late night, some of the guests will have gone home and some may still be full from dinner and dessert.
3. Keep it simple so that guests can help themselves and you won’t have to hire a ton of staff to set up or serve.
4. Plan on including a table and linens in your final order to place (display) your late night snack (unless you are hiring a food truck)


Some of my favorites:
1.) I once worked a wedding where the groom absolutely LOVED Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  So, the late night snack was a PB&J station complete with Peanut butter, jams and jellies, bananas, and marshmallow fluff.  

2.) One of my couples simply adored the Father of the Groom’s famous hoagies.   The homemade hoagies were a huge hit towards the end of the night and were a special touch considering it was a family favorite. 
3.) Most of the time I’m still full during the late night snack, so a light snack is much appreciated.  I enjoy a good popcorn or trail mix bar where guests can create their own bags of snacks to enjoy at the party- or take home.  

4.) A S’mores station continues to be a  favorite.  It is so nice to see guests making their own s’mores and this can be customizable to include different chocolates, graham crackers and toppings.
5.) Having your wedding in cooler months?  How about a nice Hot Chocolate station complete with chocolate shavings, whipped cream, marshmallows and edible stir sticks.
6.) Having your wedding in warmer months?  How about serving nostalgic ice cream bars like Fudge pops, Ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and those little sundaes with wooden spoons. 
7.) There’s nothing more comforting then a late night cookie and milk.  This is a nice touch either stationed or passed by your servers.  

Are you considering a late night snack for your wedding? 

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