Cancel, Postpone, or Elope?

The last couple of weeks have left you full of anxiety with the pressure of deciding what to do about your upcoming wedding.  With information changing daily, we now know that group gatherings have been suspended. No one wants to change their wedding date, but this is something no one can control.  

For weddings scheduled for the near future, the decision has been made for you.  But for many weddings scheduled for summer and early fall, this uncertainty can be torture.    There are 3 options you have at this point in deciding what your next steps will be. 

  1. Cancellation.  This is risky if you have put down non-refundable deposits.  But, if you have invested money, reach out to your wedding vendors to find out if they would make an exception due to these unprecedented circumstances.  
  2. Postpone.    This situation will give you more time to plan and decide the next steps without feeling overwhelmed right now.  The further out you postpone, the more ease you will have going forward with such uncertainty. Bonus- this option gives you more time to save up for the big event. 
  3. Elope-  If you truly can’t wait to marry the love of your life, then marry the love of your life.  There are still options for intimate ceremonies for just the two of you.  

Whatever you decide, keep your guests updated.  If you have a wedding website, this can be a good place to start. 

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