May 28

How your upcoming wedding is going to look a little different.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Ohio wedding venue’s have re-opened and resumed weddings (up to 300 guests).    Both vendors and engaged couples are excited and getting prepared to resume hosting weddings again.   With that, comes a list of changes that will be made to adhere to the (current) mandate set forth… Read More

Apr 28

How wedding venue’s are being proactive to keep their guests safe.

I had the pleasure of sitting in a zoom chat with venue personnel to discuss upcoming weddings, including challenges, procedures, and changes that will be made in light of COVID 19.   I was incredibly reassured on how proactive the venue’s are in working to get procedures in place to assist in the safety of… Read More

Apr 16

Wedding plans affected by quarantine?

Are you one of the couples who’s wedding has, or will possibly be impacted by the quarantine?   If so, there is no doubt you have been tasked with the very unfortunate job of rescheduling your wedding for a future date.     If you are struggling to find a Saturday date that works for… Read More

Cancel, Postpone, or Elope?

The last couple of weeks have left you full of anxiety with the pressure of deciding what to do about your upcoming wedding.  With information changing daily, we now know that group gatherings have been suspended. No one wants to change their wedding date, but this is something no one can control.   For weddings scheduled… Read More

Mar 12

Should you cancel your Columbus wedding due to Coronavirus?

Should I cancel my wedding?    I asked myself this same question in 2001, right after the September 11th attacks.  My wedding was scheduled for September 17th, only 6 days after the attack. 100% of our guests were traveling from out of town, as we were hosting a destination wedding in Walt Disney World for… Read More

Jan 24

Find your perfect barn wedding venue!

Barn and rustic wedding venues have steadily been growing in popularity and have been in vogue for quite a few years now.  The romantic, yet laid-back feeling with stunning surroundings of a farm and barn often conjure up images of romantic charm.  This rustic trend has no sign of slowing down in Ohio, and I… Read More

Nov 26

What Is an All-Inclusive Columbus Wedding Venue?

When booking a wedding venue, you will want to know each and of aspect of what you will be receiving for the price that you will be paying. Therefore, it’s important that you make yourself aware of all of the details before you sign your contract. Take a Look at Tips for Hiring Your Wedding… Read More

Nov 07

How to Shorten Your Wedding Guest List

You wedding day is a day to celebrate with your closest friends and family members. However, if you know a great deal of people, it may turn into an extravagant party, rather than an intimate affair. If you are more keen on creating your big day to be more personal, you may not be seeking… Read More

Sep 30

Tips for Planning a Small Columbus Wedding

A lot of couples feel as though they must plan a huge, over-the-top wedding. If this sounds like too much for you, a small wedding would likely be a better option. Hosting a small wedding creates an intimate atmosphere with your closest loved ones. Take a Look at How to Manage Your Time When Planning… Read More

Sep 21

How to Manage Your Time When Planning Your Columbus Wedding

Life is busy! And, even more so when you begin planning your wedding. Work, cooking, cleaning, kids; there are certainly many tasks that you must tend to each and every day. Therefore, it may seem difficult to manage your time as you plan your big day. Take a Look at Ways to Enhance Your Wedding… Read More