A Wedding venue like no other


I have been in the Columbus wedding industry for many years, and am thrilled to have worked in, seen and visited so many wedding venues over the years!  I had the pleasure to visit a new venue last week and I just have to share what I came across.  The Brook Venue was unlike anything I’ve seen in the Columbus area.  

As soon as I arrived, I was met with big signs clearly stating “Weddings – Experiences – Gatherings”.  I was soon going to find out what was meant by “experiences”.   After the signs I was directed down a long, tree (forest) lined driveway.  I kid you not, there was even a live deer down my path to greet me upon my arrival!  Nice touch!   At the end of the driveway, I immediately realized that this venue was different than most, in the way it was laid out.  One of the first things I noticed was cabins along the way.    I soon learned that this wedding venue used to be a Summer Camp.
Steven and Chloe were kind enough to give me a tour.    We started out in the Bridal Suite.  As soon as we entered I could see this was ALL NEW.   Hardwood floors, furniture, kitchen area, salon stools and more!  It was nice to see a gorgeous rustic exterior with such a new interior.
The next part of the tour was the Grooms room.   Let me tell you, this was unlike any Grooms or (Guys) room I’ve seen.  The mere size of this room was larger than anything I’ve seen in any other venue.  My mind immediately began swarming with ideas for this room alone.  Complete with a BAR, Kitchen, 4 tv’s, multiple games and lounge area, I know this area would be perfect for an after-party for all guests.
Next I was shown the cabins and suites.  Each overnight accommodation was complete with new bedding, kitchenette, and in some of the cabins, lofts.  These are the types of cabins any guest would want to spend multiple nights in.
I was very surprised to see a swimming pool on site!  There was also a beautiful campfire area where guests could gather over a comfortable campfire.   There was so much wilderness and hiking areas and I even saw a disc golf course!
This is when it solidified the “Experiences” part of the venue description.
Next, I visited the outdoor ceremony area.  It was large and adorned with mature trees all around.  I could immediately see that the nature surrounding brick altar was something that would not need too much more decoration.
My next stop, I was able to tour the indoor venue area.  It had a patio with bistro lights as well as a large indoor ballroom as well as a smaller ballroom off to the side, perfect for bar and catering set-up.
Finally I was able to see the large pavilion.  This made a fantastic covered option for an outdoor event
I knew that anyone hosting a wedding here would not only be hosting a wedding, but possibly a weekend of activities to bring families and friends together in a destination type event!  I was immediately inspired by it’s beauty, but also inspired with the opportunity for an amazing gathering it could provide.     I would highly recommend this place for a couple interested in a destination-type wedding with all of the fun activities.   The best part, is that The Brook Venue is only about 15 minutes north of Columbus/Polaris!

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